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Come Learn How To Build A 6-Figure Coaching Business In 2023... Despite The Recession!

So I know what you're thinking...

"How am I going to build a 6 figure coaching business while in a recession?"

"It hasn't happened for me yet and that was before the recession..."

I'll tell you how... But first, let us tell you why you should give yourself permission to start winning in 2023.

When Covid 19 first hit, everyone was saying the fitness industry would crumble...

Yet the fitness industry has actually grown since then (both for in-person coaches and obviously online).

So WHY would this be any different?

There's a unique opportunity that comes with the times we are in and if you know what to look for then you can seize that opportunity for yourself and more importantly for your family.

This is exactly why we're going to be opening up the doors and walk you through step by step on how to position yourself for that opportunity in 2023 so you can get what you're worth:

The 3 Key Areas For Opportunity In 2023

  • 1) What niches to get into and how to become an authority

    2) How to build a brand that pulls in exactly who you are looking for

    3) How to turn your social media into a business-generating MACHINE that you can SCALE!

Now we know this is going to fill up fast so make sure to Reserve your spot at the Bootcamp by filling in your info below.

Still not sold? Well let me ask you this...

  • Are you tired of taking on clients you don't really want just for the money?

  • Are you tired of feeling like you're living the same year over and over again?

  • Most importantly, are you and your business truly living up to it's potential?

If you nodded to yourself while reading this... then you owe it to yourself to come learn and grow with us.

Join Jonathan Lautermilch and Marc Zalmanoff the owners of Fit Pro Collective on January 4th at 2pm Central Time for a LIVE Business Bootcamp where we'll teach you…

We know what's possible when you bet on yourself.

Lock in your seat at the table and let's get what you're worth.